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Athletic Cooling Towels


Vapor Apparel® Cooling Towel, White, 28" x 14". Moisture wicking sports towel. Vapor Apparel Solar Fabric 4 oz 100% Microfiber. Kül Tech is an American made cooling towel by Vapor Apparel made from 100% Repreve recycled fiber. It features breathable-moisture wicking technical fabric made in the USA. Simply wet the towel and SNAP IT to activate it’s cooling properties and trigger a 20° temperature reduction on the surface of the fabric. This cooling towel is lightweight and comfortable made with moisture wicking technology. Simply dampen the towel and place on the neck, head or arms. It is sure to keep the UV rays from penetrating through to your skin and will keep you cool at the same time.

The customzable possibilities of this towel are endless - add a name, photo, sprots team name/colors, favorite motivational sayig.

Seind photo and message you would like to use to poshkath@gmail.com


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